Monday, December 15, 2008

Kaden turns FIVE!

Kaden turned five Dec. 11. We had his party Dec. 14. He requested a Hawkeye party. Everyone wore their best Hawkeye gear and we tailgated like it wasn't frigid outside.
Kaden poses with his super fabulous Hawkeye cake. Grandma Kathy should make cakes for a living don't you think? Oh. Wait. She does. But she doesn't get paid nearly enough. How much does that cake rock?!

Drums. thaaaanks grandma and grandpa. They're the silent kind of drums, right?

Norah dancing in her birthday finest. Mommy forgot about the Hawkeye gear when she got her dressed. We could have changed. But she looked so darn cute. Hard to believe it's her first birthday in less than a month. Doesn't seem like an entire year ago that we were impatiently waiting for her arrival.