Friday, June 27, 2008

Bath time at the farm

Floods of 2008

It feels like a while since I last posted and really it's only been a couple of weeks. But so much has happened in that time. In the last few weeks the Cedar River, which bisects the city, rose to historic levels (31.125 ft to be exact). As it did, it swallowed up entire neighborhoods and all of downtown. To make a long story short, this city will never be the same again. It's surreal working downtown, still no power and port-a-potties.

These pics are from Wednesday June 11. Scott and Norah walked downtown to see the river rising. Less than an hour after this picture was taken, they closed the bridges because the water was starting to come over it.

Look how high and this is just the beginning!

Norah: The Chatterbox

Excuse my rudimentary video skills. This is just an experiment.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Scott and Kaden spent the week in Orlando with Scott's marching band. After a 26 hour bus ride to Florida they started the trip at Epcot Center. Then they went to the beach, the Magic Kingdom and MGM studios, where Kaden got to meet the Red SPD Power Ranger.

Kaden in front of Epcot Center!

Mickey Mouse! Worth the two hour wait to meet him.

At the Kennedy Space Center.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Mmmm. What's this?

Got it!


Ahhh. Much more comfortable!

As you can see Norah is practicing sitting up. It's a fine art she has yet to completely get the hang of.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh Veggies

This year I decided to experiment with a CSA (community supported agriculture). If you're unfamiliar with the term it is a system where members buy a "share" of a farm. We help pay for their operating costs and in return we get fresh veggies once a week. I split a share with the food editor here at the paper.
I was getting a little bit worried about the price of the endeavor considering that we hadn’t gotten anything yet due to the weather. But, we got our first delivery last night (bok choy, green onions, peas, rhubarb, oregano, lettuce and basil).
I made a stir fry with the onions, bok choy and peas. That first bite of garden fresh produce was enough to make it all worth while. Delish!!! The snap peas reminded me of my mom's summer gardens in AK. She had a ginormous row of peas and all summer we'd just snap a few off the vine for a snack. I can't wait to experiment more with all the interesting veggies we'll get this summer. I also planted a jalapeno plant, some dill and cilantro and a watermelon in the back yard. I'm hoping I don't kill those. Last summer I cooked my basil one too many times.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our great Memorial Day "Staycation"

Instead of spending lots of money on gas we bought a tent to 'camp' in our backyard. Actually just the fellas were going to enjoy a night in the great outdoors.

The morning after