Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chalk the walk

Mount Vernon, a small town about 20 minutes or so from our house, has an annual chalk festival the first weekend in May. Every year I want to go and every year we don't. Except this year. Scott and Norah and I went (Kaden was with his mom.) and it was great.

Exactly what I love about living around here! Summer festivals!

The festival brings in plenty of professional artists. But the coolest part (in my opinion) is that they choose a piece of artwork each year for the community to recreate on the street, with chalk. It's huge. Like more than a thousand square feet. They mark it off in 1-foot-by-1-foot squares and for a nominal amount you can get chalk and a piece of paper depicting what should be in that portion of the larger image. This year it was "Where the Wild Things Are," one of my all-time favorite books as a child. So I was pumped to be part of the art.

Once we got there, however, we realized none of us (mostly Norah) was going to have the patience it would take to do the job right. So we borrowed a few pieces of chalk and just drew on our own.

And then Norah decided her body was a much better canvas than the street for her artwork.

Scott didn't understand why was taking a picture of Norah's pants. But seriously. What was I thinking putting her in white pants. WHITE pants for a chalk festival. Duh. Stain remover and tide with bleach later, these pants still aren't the same.

But she had a blast.

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